5 notable facts about homeopathy

featured3 - 5 notable facts about homeopathy

If you are new at homeopathy or curious about this natural treatment remedy then it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with the facts as this will enable you make proper and more informed judgment calls. After all, if you are here, you are probably looking at trying out one of these remedies either for yourself or someone you know.

Here are 5 notable facts that you need to know about homeopathy and we trust that they will help you enhance your decision making.

Homeopathy is not a placebo

1 - 5 notable facts about homeopathy

Homeopathy treatment remedies have proven to be effective in babies and young children, and adults, as well as in animals, and this therefore demonstrates that it’s not a placebo. The fact that in most cases the patient doesn’t know exactly what medication they are taking helps discredit the placebo argument.

Homeopathy is very cost effective

2 - 5 notable facts about homeopathy

Statistics have indicated that homeopathy treatment remedies are over 60 per cent cheaper than conventional medication, and some patients even suggest that these remedies are more effective. This means that they can help both individuals and families to cut down on their health expenditure.

Homeopathy is not a fad

3 - 5 notable facts about homeopathy

Many critics have suggested that homeopathy is just a fad because of the heavily marketed natural approach to medicine but this can’t be further from the truth. The fact is that homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and is therefore likely to be around for the next foreseeable future. In fact, it has been a very integral part of health systems in major European economies such as Italy, Germany and France.

Homeopathy has been proven to be safe

4 - 5 notable facts about homeopathy

The practice of homeopathy has proven to be very safe with very minimal side effects, in addition to the fact that patients can rely on it even if they are using conventional medicine at the same time. In fact, it’s much safer than conventional medicine which is responsible for thousands of deaths annually as a direct result of adverse reactions to medication.

Homeopathy treatments are evidence based

5 - 5 notable facts about homeopathy

We tackled this point in our previous article where we highlighted some of the studies that have proven the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. This goes to demonstrate that homeopathy is actually an evidence based treatment method.

The beauty about these facts is that they can be verified and this is because homeopathy is a form of treatment that has been around for over 200 years therefore there are multiple documented success stories from both patients and doctors.

All in all it’s very important for you to do your own due diligence so that you can verify fact from fiction and be better placed to make informed choices about your health.

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