The 4 myths about homeopathic medicines

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Doctors who have administered homeopathic medicines and patients who have received them will attest that this is a really effective treatment method because it’s safe, and has no side effects as compared to conventional medicine. However, there are critics who keep insisting that this form of medication is not as good as is reported.

It’s for this reason that there are a number of myths that have come up which we can refer to as untruths regarding homeopathy.

Let’s take a look at the 4 myths which we will attempt to demystify.

Diseases usually get worse after treatment is administered

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There is a common myth peddled by critics as they claim that diseases will usually get worse after treatment has been administered. This is actually false information. The fact of the matter is that once the initial treatment has been administered and starts acting on the ailment, the patient might end up presenting as though they are getting worse but it’s actually the opposite, as this is typical of the process of getting cured.

The effectiveness of homeopathy is limited to chronic conditions

12 - The 4 myths about homeopathic medicines

There is a common myth or rather misconception that homeopathic medicine will only work for chronic ailments and not in cases of acute ailments. This can’t be further from the truth. The reality of things is that homeopathy works both for acute and chronic diseases and is very effective in both situations. As long as the patient gets the right dosage and combination of medication, they can be assured of full recovery.

Homeopathic medication acts slowly

13 - The 4 myths about homeopathic medicines

Critics and people who don’t have a proper understanding of how homeopathy works claim that these medications act slowly on the patient. This is not true. As a matter of fact, homeopathy medicines have been proven to act in the same speed if not faster than conventional medication. This has been proven in cases like diarrhea, cough and fever, among many others. In chronic diseases, it may appear slow acting but this is not actually the case as the medication usually seeks to address the root cause of an illness as opposed to providing superficial relief.

You can’t administer homeopathic medication with conventional medication

14 - The 4 myths about homeopathic medicines

There are other critics who claim that you can’t administer homeopathic medication together with conventional medication and this is absurd. The fact is that patients who want to switch from conventional medicine to homeopathic medicine are usually encouraged to take both forms of treatment especially during the transition period because if they all of a sudden stop taking the conventional medication, their symptoms will get worse in spite of taking homeopathic medicine. It’s therefore advisable to take both but gradually reduce the dosage of the conventional medication.

All in all, homeopathy has proven to be a good natural alternative to conventional medication however before you make the switch, be sure to consult a reputable medical provider.

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