Health – 4 untruths about homeopathy

featured1 - Health – 4 untruths about homeopathy

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fun of alternative forms of treatment such as homeopathy and that is a major reason why you will find so many untruths circulating in the internet and other health forums. This article will look at these untruths with the intention of bringing them out to light for the benefit of our readers.

#1 Homeopathy is not evidence based

There are many claims out there that homeopathy is not evidence based. So called independent reviewers keep insisting that the homeopathic remedies provided are mere placebos and don’t have any real therapeutic effects. This is an untruth because homeopathy is based on actual evidence.

#2 Homeopathy is expensive in the long run

Because critics of homeopathy insist that it’s a mere placebo and does not offer actual treatment for illnesses, they say that it will ultimately be expensive because patients will have to resort to conventional healthcare systems therefore forcing them to spend twice in treating the same ailment. This is an untruth because homeopathy actually works.

#3 Homeopathy remedies are not safe

Critics insist that homeopathic remedies are unsafe especially for chronic conditions and it’s the same argument of this treatment regimen being a mere placebo. This is an untruth because if it was in fact a placebo, no one would be using it.

#4 Homeopathic remedies have not progressed since they were discovered

Critics insist that unlike conventional medicine that has seen tremendous progress over the years homeopathic remedies have not registered any progress since they were first formulated. This is an untruth because homeopathic medicine has progressed as homeopaths continue to discover new natural remedies for ailments.

Whether you believe in homeopathy or not, care must be taken to stick to the facts and not unverified opinions. In our subsequent articles, we will deliberately demystify homeopathy and ensure you have all the facts to ensure you can make the best decisions on whether this can be a preferred mode of treatment for you and your loved ones especially if you are looking for a natural alternative to conventional medicine.

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