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Drug addictions can take many forms and while people will instantly assume a drug addiction means a heavy drug it can be something like smoking as well. Yes, smoking is usually seen as a separate addiction to drugs, but many people do classify it as one all the same. Beating your drug addiction is something that can be achieved in a number of different ways you could join a rehab clinic like those listed on detoxofsouthflorida.com, but it’s not just that simple is it?

Rehab clinics are often misrepresented in the media, TV shows and movies aren’t really all that concerned with the facts, are they? Well not all of them anyway which is why many people have a very flawed understanding of how rehab clinics actually work. Let’s get one thing cleared up straight away rehab clinics can’t do everything for you.

You could go to a rehab clinic for months and still not kick your addiction if you want to beat a drug addiction it will require a lot of inner strength. Rehab clinics can help you a lot and will provide support, but they alone can’t beat your addiction for you. So, you need to understand that the progress you make is down to you.

The other big mystery many people face is how they get into rehab in the first place, you can’t just commit yourself, can you? Well actually you can, and many people actually do, you can also be referred to a rehab facility by a medical professional and sometimes in emergency situations, you can be court ordered to attend a rehab facility.

Finally, the last big concern is money, staying in a rehab facility can be costly however you will in the majority of circumstances be able to work out a payment plan for your treatment. Some states will also have funds that can help support you as well depending on the nature of your addiction.

So, that’s the basics covered what about when you get to rehab how do you beat your addiction? It will take time and you shouldn’t expect an overnight miracle just because you’re in a rehab facility but being there can help. Let’s look at the five steps to beating a drug addiction once you’re in rehab and after you’ve left.

Step 1 – Realize The Need For Change

If you don’t realize or admit the need for change then your stay at rehab will not be a success will it? However, admitting you have an addiction is difficult and many people will happily live in denial about it. The good news is if you have already made the decision to commit yourself to a rehab clinic then it’s highly likely that you have already come to the realization that you need to make a change. 

However, if you have been ordered to attend rehab then you could quite easily still believe you don’t have an addiction and find the whole thing pointless. People like this can be very hostile because of their situation, so in order for rehab to help you beat your drug addiction, you need to be open to change. 

Step 2 – Attend Support Sessions

Once you’re in the rehab facility you will need to actively engage with it, this means you will need to carry out the treatment plan that has been made for you. One of the most difficult areas of rehab will be the group support sessions if you are asked to attend these sessions make sure you do and take part in the discussion.

Step 3 – Attend Therapy/ Counselling

This is another difficult part of the recovery process when you’re in rehab you’ll often need to attend therapy and counseling sessions. When you’re in the rehab clinic you will usually get into the habit of doing this which is good the challenge comes when you leave rehab.

No one stays in rehab forever, do they? Which means it’s up to you to keep up the therapy and counseling when you leave. Rehab can help a lot, but the battle isn’t over once you leave so ensure you continue therapy/ counseling if you feel you need to once you leave. 

Step 4 – Avoid Triggers/ Temptations

This is another difficult part of the recovery process especially today when the phrase “trigger” has been so often debated. But what does it mean exactly? Thankfully it’s relatively self-explanatory and simple triggers are like temptations and are things that could cause you to fall back into your old habits.

For example, if you’re recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction you might want to avoid pubs and clubs or media that features a lot of drinking like tv shows or movies. Some recovering addicts will be able to see these things without issue but not everybody will, which is why it’s important that you try to avoid triggers/ temptations if you think they could cause you to relapse.

It might sound silly to you but trust me triggers are very real and are a big risk to your recovery process so avoid them if you think you need to.

Step 5 – Seek Out Continued Support Once Leaving 

The journey to beating your drug addiction isn’t over once you leave rehab, you’ll thankfully be in a much better situation and have a healthier state of mind, but the battle isn’t over. Once you leave rehab it will be your responsibility to continue the fight but remember you don’t have to go it alone.

You might not be in rehab anymore, but you can still get support from friends and family as well as professionals like counselors and support groups. Once you feel like you have made enough progress you could even use what you have learned to help other people. Many of the people who work in support groups will have battled their own addictions in the past.

So, that’s the five steps to beating a drug addiction, the battle might be hard, but you can do it and committing yourself to a rehab clinic can be the first step towards a better life.

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